Lycon Cartridge Kit with White Cartridge Heater

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Create a professional-quality wax using the Cartridge Kit with White Cartridge Heater from Lycon. The waxing kit contains a heater and multiple wax strips infused with a range of nourishing, gentle ingredients to leave skin soft, smooth and comfortable. The easy-to-use hair removal formula helps to remove stubble as short as 1mm from the underarms, face, and bikini line, leaving you with a silky and salon-worthy finish all over.

The Set Contains:

- Cartridge Heater
- SoBerry Delicious Strip Wax Cartridge (100ml)
- Olive Oil Strip Wax Cartridge (100ml)
- Active Gold Strip Wax Cartridge (100ml)
- LYCOtec White Strip Wax Cartridge (100ml)
- Epilace Waxing Strips (100 Strips)
- Lycotane Skin Cleanser (20ml)
- Pre-Waxing Oil (20ml)
- Tea-Tree Perfect (20ml)
- Tea-Tree Soothe (20ml)
- Wax Solvent (20ml)

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